Friday, 29 March 2013

pUbLiC sPeAkInG (mALay) cLasSes

assalamualaikum and good night.....

before sleep, please read my blog..hehehe
just want to share something which is about my public speaking in Malay classes... every Friday's night, my friend and i attend that class.. this class actually is my for my curriculum subject.. in part 2 I decide to join this class because for me,it can help me to improve my confident level.. i also know how to handle myself during presentation.. i hope i can improve slowly so that i can confident with myself.... for your information i am a shyness person.. if u does not know me very well, you will said that i am an arrogant person.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

sEmiNaR BusiNeSs MoDeL jUmPsTaRt ChAlLeNge...!!!

newwwwww stoooorrryyyyy... we are ENTREPRENEURS STUDENTS..!!! today is the most enjoyable day...we were invited to attend a business seminar jumpstart challenge model .. they teach us how to start a business ... various tips and knowledge provided by the organizers .. if before we are not clear about what the business model canvas, now we can understand clearly and in detail.. and we are also automatically join a competitor which need to generate an idea from a bicycle and RM3000.. our group come out with an idea about bill bike cycle.. hopefully we can be a winner.. so that we will ger rm3000.. it awesome ok.....!!!!!!!!!

 our facilitators, Encik Hakim

eating time...!!! delicious..!!!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

FiNaNCe 533

today i learn something in my subject which is Finance 533.. from this subject i can make my own budget.. as a student i don't have any income except from the PTPTN loan... so from that amount i can make my own budget which is included my expenses every month until end of semester.. i need to survive for 1 semester... i also can target what should i do if i'm running out of money.. ohhhhh noooo i need to survive..!!!! maybe work in part time or do some business i guest... oppsss i'm forget, as an entrepreneur student we should know what to do.. grab the OPPORTUNITIES....!!!!!!!

Monday, 25 March 2013

I miSs My fAmiLy

hmm today i'm little bit sad because i really miss my family so much.. i'm not like others student that they can back to their home just for a few hours or maybe minutes.. since my hometown is at Terengganu which is need about 8 hours to go there with car or bus,so i need to wait until semester break... so sad.. hmm i really miss my mother's cooking.. so delicious...yummyyyy

aBoUt My self

lets me introduce my self.....My name is Nurul Nadia Bt Abdul Rashid.. I'm 23 years old....I come from Terengganu.. I'm taking Diploma in Accountancy at Politeknik Seberang Perai Pulau Pinang before continue study at Uitm Shah Alam in Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Entrepreneurship. Politeknik Uitm really different for me... There are a lot of differences such as the way to to study,the lectures an etc.

FoR tHe FiRsT tImE

Hello ..... hi all .. welcome to my blog... For your information this blog is the first blog in my whole life .. You all must be wondering right? why? blog is my assignment for MGT417 subjects .. It contributes 20% to my marks .. Sorry Assuming many lack in this blog especially in my English writing... still in the learning process..