Wednesday, 27 March 2013

sEmiNaR BusiNeSs MoDeL jUmPsTaRt ChAlLeNge...!!!

newwwwww stoooorrryyyyy... we are ENTREPRENEURS STUDENTS..!!! today is the most enjoyable day...we were invited to attend a business seminar jumpstart challenge model .. they teach us how to start a business ... various tips and knowledge provided by the organizers .. if before we are not clear about what the business model canvas, now we can understand clearly and in detail.. and we are also automatically join a competitor which need to generate an idea from a bicycle and RM3000.. our group come out with an idea about bill bike cycle.. hopefully we can be a winner.. so that we will ger rm3000.. it awesome ok.....!!!!!!!!!

 our facilitators, Encik Hakim

eating time...!!! delicious..!!!


  1. such a super awesome experience! btw, ur blog make me hungryyyy! :D