Tuesday, 24 September 2013


my entry for today is about MOTHER.. the person who very important in our life..person that give us strength and teach the meaning of life.. to my mother a.k.a ummi, PN AKMAL BT MOHAMAD I love you so much.. i PROMISE i will study hard and make you proud... INSYAALLAH =)

Her hands held me gently from the day I took my first breath.
Her hands helped to guide me as I took my first step.
Her hands held me close when the tears would start to fall.
Her hands were quick to show me that she would take care of it all.

Her hands were there to brush my hair, or straighten a wayward bow.
Her hands were often there to comfort the hurts that didn't always show.
Her hands helped hold the stars in place, and encouraged me to reach.
Her hands would clap and cheer and praise when I captured them at length.

Her hands would also push me, though not down or in harms way.
Her hands would punctuate the words, just do what I say.
Her hands sometimes had to discipline, to help bend this young tree.
Her hands would shape and mold me into all she knew I could be.

Her hands are now twisting with age and years of work,
Her hand now needs my gentle touch to rub away the hurt.
Her hands are more beautiful than anything can be.
Her hands are the reason I am me.

You're a dependable source of comfort;
You're my cushion when I fall.
You help in times of trouble;
You support me whenever I call.

I love you more than you know;
You have my total respect.
If I had my choice of mothers,
You'd be the one I'd select!

Thursday, 19 September 2013


if i can turn back my time,there are many wish i want to do it. firstly i want to back to primary school.. WHY?? its is because when that time i free to do anything.. i can play together with friends,i can make a friends, i can eat together.. in easy word it is PLAYFUL time.. when standard 6, i was chosen to become one of the 5 A's candidates in UPSR but i'm not too lucky to get that.. i just get 4 A 1 B..  in that time i can do many thing.. i love to be there and i wish to turn back my time... how valuable that memory..

now let me story about my secondary school, SEKOLAH MENENGAH AGAMA KHAIRIAH a.k.a SMAKH.. i'm proud to be one of thw SMAKH student.. for your information,sekolah aku nie sekolah PEREMPUAN SAHAJA... its not easy to get in to that school.. i must PASS in certain exam but luckily I'M IN..!!!my school is located at town so its take about 15 minute  after jam.. hehe sounds like it take 1 hour from my house to school .. a lot of thanks to my father cause everyday he sent me to school and to my lovely mom that i called ummi because she wake up in the early morning to make my breakfast..  I LOVE MY PARENTS.. 

in SMAKH i know whats the true meaning of FRIENDs... i have BEST FRIENF FOREVER a.k.a BFF.. and i know and meet in that time become my BFF until today.. they are farah,fatin,aja,moniey,fizah,wanie and mira.. i love them too much.. we are happy and sad together.. actually we are naughty students in school.. we always make a trouble...hehehe.. pernah sekali tue kiteorang main mercun dalam kelas sampai kena amsuk bilik pengetua..hehe.. in SMAKH i also learn a lot of things.. i need to study hard to fulfill my dream.. when i in  form 5 my ambition to be a  nurse but unfortunately there one incident that prove to me i cannot be a nurse..so sad.. the incident is.....jeng jeng jeng ITS SECRET..!!!! alhamdulillah until now my BFF always be with me...  

ok lets move to DIPLOMA world..after form 5, duk umah tanam anggur sambil tunggu result la kan... after waiting for a while, i was choose to be a part of POLITEKNIK SEBERANG PERAI PULAU PINANG (PSP)students.. i get to continue my study in DIPLOMA ACCOUNTANCY.. i'm so sad to go there..WHY??? because its first time to me to tinggal jauh dari family..i'm not to used it.. but alhamdulillah i learn to be an independent girl.. and also alhamdulillah i find a 'geng' that suit for me..we are too close..do many things together.. we love travel together.. no matter what happen we doing all things together... now there bring their own destination...some of them continue their study like me,some of them find a good job.. i proud of you guys... i miss u so much.. i wish i can turn back my time, we will together for a long time.. so thats my nostalgia.. it more but i'm just sharing a little bit from my life..thanks for reading.. =)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

mY fAvOrItE dIsHes

i'm hungry right now so i want to share something with you.. its all about my favorite dish.. i miss my mom's cooking... i wish i can get all this NOW!!!
its yummy... we have ikan panggang,kuah singgang,sotong masak kunyit and kerabu tauge... its original from my hometown TERENGGANU..!!! 

its super yummy..!!! ketam masak merah fresh from laut...

i love the way that we are cooking.. i just have 3 siblings. we will seat up at kitchen,helping my mom set up the ingredients and we will cook together. while cooking, we wil story to my mom about the interesting story.we will gossip together,laugh together,crying together.. i love my mom... i miss u ummi


People define friendship in many different ways. It almost always means something different to you than it does to the person standing next to you. This is my definition of friendship. I have always been one to value true friendship. I believe there are many that come into your life for a reason, but there are only a few who stay and travel the distant with you.
Friendship is a personal relationship shared between each friend for the welfare of each other, in other words, it is a relationship of trust, faith and concern for each others feelings. It is a relationship of mutual caring and intimacy among one another. A friend is one who knows you as a person and regards you for what you are and doesn't expect you to be anyone but who you choose to be.
  In certain cases friendship may not last for a long period of time and might end or lose its prime importance of love and regard for each other. There are some friendships which might end with unresolved conflicts and tiffs which means that these types of relationships were not strong enough to hold on in adversity and bad times. Friendship is not about who left but about who stays with you and weathers each and every storm. Friendship requires loyalty, truth and complete understanding. It involves communication when you don’t understand something. Communicating can be the difference between hurt feelings and the end of a friendship to the feeling of contentment and mutual understanding when someone is lost and needs some time to heal.
It should be understood that not all friends are best friends. One might come across numerous friends in this life but there are very few who will be their during your ups as well as stand by you when you are down. How you recognize your best friend is the one who will understand your strengths and shortcomings and would be with you matter what. Best friends put aside pride and hurt feelings, and just care enough about the other to save the friendship.
I’ve been lucky in this life to have a best friend and a few good friends that I can count on to be there when I need them. There have also been some hard lessons too. I have learned that I trust too much, share too much and give too much some of the time to people who just wouldn’t do the same for me. This has left me a bit more closed off than I used to be. I am slowly learning who is important and who really cares. I am learning who deserves my friendship and who I should forget.
That is my opinion of how the  bond between true friends is formed. So best of luck in finding or recognizing a true friend and if you have one, don’t let them go

Monday, 16 September 2013

wElComE bAcK tO UiTM

welcome back to uitm for students after almost 2 month semester break.. its a GIFT to me when I can spend a long time with my beloved family.... now i come back to uitm to have a journey to become success person