Tuesday, 2 April 2013

rEsPeCt....!!! hOw To sHoW iT??

Respect... it is something that we all expect,but don't properly show others at times. Learn how to better shows others the amount of respect that they deserve..

hOw To sHoW iT???

  • Be fair toward the other person. Many times we unfairly judge another person or their views and don't show them the respect they deserve.
  • Give them time to say what it is they want to say. One of the best ways to show no respect whatsoever is to rudely cut in while the other person is speaking. Allow them their time and you are likely to get yours as well.
  • Be sensitive to their thoughts and feelings. Just as you would want others to show some sensitivity toward the things you feel strongest about, you must do the same to others.
  • you don't always do the bare minimum. if you want to show someone that you are valuable, and that you respect them, go the extra mile without expecting a reward.

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